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Social Media Ads Strategy

Here are six Ad styles that actually work for your boosted social media content.

Here is the

All right today, six tips for your video ads.

So here are six tips on things that typically make your ads a lot better.

Number one, humor. If you put something funny in an ad – probably gonna get some attention. People like that. That being said, for every one of these – (Old Spice Commercial) – there’s like a hundred other ads that are not that… – (Progressive Commercial).

You see writing humor can be a lot more difficult than you might think. So on the one hand humor sells, which is good, but you got to make sure that the ad itself is actually funny or else it might crash and burn. That’s not good.

Two, testimonials. Always a good idea. Testimonials establish trust, help establish authority, they give people a reason to try your products because they’re like, ‘hey it worked for that person. Maybe this is gonna work for me.’

Usually they’re also pretty cheap to do because a lot of times you’re just interviewing a person who’s used your service or your product, so filming is cheap. So that’s also good and it adds a human element because it’s a real person who had a real problem who tried your thing and it


So testimonials, always a pretty safe bet.

Number three, demonstrations. Who doesn’t like to watch a product actually work? This is every paper towel commercial that you’ve ever seen, ever. It’s a great way to get a customer to try out your product if you show it working right there in front of them and then the next time they have that problem they remember your ad.

Number four, Problems & Solutions. Show the potential customer the problem. Show them the pain. Show them where it hurts. Show them why it hurts. Emphasize the problem that they’re gonna have and how it’s gonna be a bad experience for them. Then you show them the solution, which is typically you or your product. Show how you can alleviate that pain and emphasize the fact that the pain they’re experiencing is now gone, so your product didn’t just

solve a basic problem, it alleviated the pain of that problem.

You’re a paper towel company; don’t just show it picking up a spill. Show it saving a laptop and all the data that you could have lost if you didn’t have this paper towel.

Number five, give them a reason why. It’s always good to give them a reason why they should try out your product. Just make sure it’s a good reason or you might be shooting yourself in the foot. But if you start out and say hey we have the newest, most improved, AI enhanced, sling kitty bling around, you should try it…

Well, there’s a reason to try it because it’s the newest, shiniest, coolest, AI enhanced, blinkety blink around.


Number six, the final one; emotion. Everybody remembers Sarah McLachlan singing the song

with the sad dogs, In the Arms of the Angels. After watching that commercial you might have been one of the people that went out and adopted a dog and that dog might have destroyed your couch but it didn’t even matter because the emotion that was put in that ad made it all worth it. So yeah, if you don’t know what else to do put some emotion into your ad. Grab that attention with that emotion, and then use that emotion to compel the buyer or the potential customer to check out your product or your service.

And maybe get a dog.

Or a cat. 

Don’t get a cat.

I’m out. 

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