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Helping you get your films made and seen without losing your shirt.

Save time. Save money.

I am a master of guerrilla filmmaking and I am passionate about helping others bring their projects to life, getting them seen by audiences, and avoiding the pitfalls of production and distribution. 

Over many years I have gathered the connections, experience, crew, and talent needed to bring films to life with speed and efficiency.

'Chason Laing is an absolute legend! Couldn't have asked for a better DP here in Dallas. This guy knows how to get things done. Thank you, Chason for an incredibly problem-free shoot!
Daniel Hancock
Director, Playwright, Comic Book Writer
'Hey Chason, thank you so much! You were great to work with and are always incredibly understanding, which is very appreciated. Looking forward to working on another project in the future!
Pure Flix
'With years of filmmaking experience and Hollywood-grade talent at his disposal, Chason consistently delivered exceptional results on our sets. His ability to work swiftly and discreetly never compromised the quality of his work.'
Jared O'flaherty
Director/Creator of Vindication Series

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Post & Distribution

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How do you work?

I work on a project to project basis. Sometimes it's as simple as consulting on a project a few times over the phone. Other times it means I'm on set daily helping to facilitate a shoot and making sure each day gets made on time. 

My goal is to help in anyway needed to get your film created and seen and hopefully save you some money along the way.

How much do you charge?

Depends on the project and the overall budget. I am passionate about working on films I want to see in the world, and therefor, I am as flexible as I can be to give you the highest return possible on your investment into my services. 

How many projects do you take on each year?

Typically two to four bigger projects throughout the year and a handful of smaller ones as needed. 

How do I submit my project?

The best thing to do is to email me and I'll arrange a time for a call or a Zoom chat. It's free. You can tell me about your project and your needs and we can go from there. 

Is it just you? Or do you have a team?

Both. Over the years I have made connections with hundreds of actors, crew members, and talented people. I always stick with people that know how to get the work done quickly and with high quality. I build my teams up from this talent pool as needed. 

Let's work together.

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