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I’ve been making films for 20+ years; Features, Docs, Series, Children’s content, Church films, commercials, advertising – pretty much whatever pays bills.

I have content on Pureflix, Amazon, Tubi, Freevee, and many others.

I have a Th.M. from DTS – first graduate with a film emphasis and a screenplay attached to my dissertation.

I have been married 19+ years and have 6 kids. Yes, I know where kids come from.

I founded Hello Coco Agency in 2022 – it creates videos, photography, and marketing materials for small businesses.  It also serves as the production house for my films and TV series like Guardians (now streaming on Pure Flix). 

I made to share things about filmmaking, distribution, & marketing that I have learned along the way. A wise person learns from their mistakes. An even wiser person learns off the mistakes of others. Hopefully you can learn from some of mine.

And there have been many.  

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