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Hitting the Keys

It is hard for me to picture a film without music. No Country For Old Men is one of the few movies that was able to provide an amazing emotional ride sans a film score. 

For me though, music has a tremendous role in the outcome of a successful film project. The music for the story often begins during the scripting stages. I can hear tones, sounds, rhythms in my head as I work on the story. Even much of the editing process relies on the tempo of the music, the BPM, and so on.  

For Guardians, I only had four weeks to put the music together in order to deliver the show on time. So I basically locked myself in a room for that entire time working on this score. I smelled pretty bad. 

After the last note was recorded, I was surprised at how much evolution went into these songs from their starting to ending points. I always envisioned a theme for the villain in the story and after many hours playing around with it I settled on a simple octave-jump. It did the trick. Sometimes the simplest solution is in fact the best. 

The show would not be what it is without the score and I am delighted to be able to share it with everyone for free. 

Guardians is now available on Apple Music & Spotify! If you would leave me a review or give it a share I would greatly appreciate it. 

And of course all five episodes of Guardians is now streaming exclusively on Pure Flix. Enjoy!

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